We follow the route given in Maps.me to Jardin (pronounced HardEEn), which becomes a single-lane track with some slippery patches of mud and clay. 48km takes us 3 hours, and this after travelling 100km on the main highway that had many stops for roadworks, which also took 3 hours. Poor Ken.

Only a handful of trucks , a jeep and motorbikes pass us. There has to be a
better route! (There is not a better route from the south.)

It’s a long slow ride to be hanging off the back of a truck bus to Jardin!

This town becomes one of our favourites in mere seconds,

and it is considered the most beautiful town in the province of Antioquia.

The buildings are brightly coloured

as are all the outside tables and chairs.

Courtyard of a hotel

and its entrance.

There are few cars, and most people are on foot though tuk tuks are available if needed.

Here’s the cathedral in the main square,

and these buildings

are on the other sides of the square.

There’s an air of joie de vivre

even in this 4 legged creature

and this one!

We know we’re on a PROPER road as we leave town with this traffic ahead of us – sigh of relief! Heading northeast to Medellin.

Jardin is surrounded by coffee farms clinging to the steep slopes,

views which are hard to

tire of!


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