Mmm, there are delicious cakes and pastries here in Columbia!

Here’s the main square of Popayan, population 266,000.

The town was founded in 1537 and was a religious, political and cultural centre as well aswell as a key stopping point between Cartagena and Quito for the Spanish, who were plundering much of the gold of South America.

A couple of plaques

about some of the buildings.

All the buildings are white-washed and are excellent examples of Spanish colonial architecture.

With all the buildings in the same style and of the same height along with the cobbled streets, there is a homogeneity that I just love!

Another factor that adds to the charm is that the main square is cut off from traffic

so it’s peaceful and there’s no need to jaywalk.

This is the Puente del Humidilladero, built in about the 1870’s

with cobblestones.

Next to the bridge in the former photo is the Puente de la Custodia, built in 1713. It was constructed so the priests could visit the sick in the poor district to the north.

Ken standing on the newer bridge looking down on the older bridge.

Walking to the natural thermales at the bottom of this field to the right.

There are lovely bright flowers in Columbia such as these vibrant ones

and these.

Another rockslide!