Update on motels! This sign is more specific than the Rio Secreto motel we saw in Chile- we would have understood this one with no trouble! Also, there are many more motels in Columbia than anywhere else we’ve seen in South America! A Columbian we met in Ecuador enlightened us by telling us that ALL motels in South America are by the hour! They are not just for customers having affairs in a predominantly Catholic continent where divorce is less common than in many western countries but also for young people, who usually live with their parents until they marry!

Mechanic working from the bonnet/hood of a vehicle right beside the road.

Old truck and old cannisters.

Motorcyclists weave in and out of traffic and also lane split, driving up the middle of 2 lanes of traffic between the trucks and cars. Pretty scary!

Back end of sugarcane cart

and front end!

There are lots of signs like this one warning people of high accident zones where there’s no overtaking. Do people pay attention? No – we’ve been going around a corner with not one car overtaking us but two abreast at the same time, crossing a double-yellow line to boot!

Coffee fields in the Zona Cafeteria.

People mostly drink the equivalent of Nescafe in Columbia as real coffee is for export; cafes with expresso coffee are still non existent outside touristy places.

Hillsides with coffee and sugarcane growing abound.

Yup, even for animals the grass is always greener…..!

These buses are still used in rurals areas as they are spacious and allow for quick and easy loading and unloading of people and baggage. In some cities they are only used as party buses!

Another form of rural transport

and another with people and baggage hanging off the sides and rear.

Another colourful and funky rural bus

and in this one, passengers get off from the open sides,

which speeds things up at bus stops.

Cow drinking from a hose pipe.

More lovely views of coffee farms,

and here a tropical plant with humungous leaves

and a beautiful huge fern!