Romantic Cartagena

Cartagena’s historic centre is a beautiful, romantic walled city founded by the Spanish in 1533. The narrow cobbled streets and colonial architecture exude charm. No wonder people want to get married here!

Inside the museum adjoining the cathedral, I follow the sound of the beautiful music up a couple of staircases and here’s the view I get of the first wedding we see!

And here’s the music and dance that greet the bride and groom as they exit the cathedral. These dancers also perform at other events, such as at conferences to greet the guests.

All the buildings in the old city are two storey with georgous wooden or wrought iron balconies and tiled roofs.

Many houses have beautiful flowering plants too.

You can turn down any street and you’ll not be


I love the bright colours, the symmetry and

the simple lines.

At night, the city seems even more romantic. Many people dress up, and everyone’s strolling along the narrow streets. The stores, which sell expensive designer clothes or beautiful artesanals, such as jewelry and pottery, remain open until 9.00pm. Music wafts out of bars and restaurants, and horsedrawn carriages give visitors a twirl around the historic centre. In my opinion, Cartagena may be a long way from home, but it won’t disappoint if you’re interested in a trip!


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