So, after arriving safely in Vancouver after 3 flights and 15 hours of travel time, we take this car share vehicle from the airport to drive home. Trouble is, we can’t find our front door key that Ken left in a secret spot once we get there! It turns out one of the kids, who’d kindly came to fetch the fruit I’d forgotten to give away, erroneously thought the key was for them. What to do? It turns out they are out of town this weekend and also out of cell range, so unable to reach via text, phone or Whatsapp! It’s by now way past midnight, and Ken calls all the hotels on the North Shore, but they are all full, and it’s too late to call friends. So, we get back in the Evo car now parked on the street below us, and recline the chairs as far as they go, and settle in for the night. Then at 5.20am after a short sleep, we both wake up a bit chilly, and decide to find somewhere warm for breakfast. We end up at the fast food chain Dennys, the only place open! Over our steaming cups of tea, Ken looks at me and says brightly, “This is a test of our adaptability!”
Having spent one night in a co-op car, 3 1/2 months in the VW campervan and about 2 1/2 weeks in hotels and hostels, I think we can say yes, we’re pretty adaptable these days.
Oh yes, and happily we get into our basement suite via our tenants in the main part of the house later in the morning.

Here’s our dog, Kerrie, also exhausted from her 4 month trip up Indian Arm where she stayed with the dogsitter.