2022 Southern Africa Blog Update

In 2022 we are using a travel program (PolarSteps) in place of the Blog we used for South America in 2018. PolarSteps allows us to post pictures and comments far easier than the blog we used previously. It also seems easier to manage while offline and has an added benefit that it also provides a interactive map of where the pictures were taken.

We are still also using our InReach Satellite Tracker that gives us emergency text communications along with the ability to text family and friends when there is no cellular services. It will also give you live precise tracking of our current location during this trip for our family and friends.

InReach Link (coming by July the official trip start)


6 thoughts on “2022 Southern Africa Blog Update

  1. Peter and I look forward to joining you vicariously on your exciting journey…through your new travel program (PolarSteps)!! It’s also great that we can track you via InReach Satellite Tracker! All these new technologies are amazing! Wishing you all the very best…safe travels ahead! 👍😍

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  2. Fantastic technology for this trip! We’re going to be doing as Elsa and Peter are doing, ie. joining you vicariously on this very exciting trip! Go safely, dear friends❤️🐘🦒


  3. Fantastic technology for this trip! We’ll be doing same as Elsa and Peter, ie. joining you vicariously on this very exciting adventure! Go safely, dear friends❤️🦒🐘


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