2022 Southern Africa Blog Update

In 2022 we are using a travel program (PolarSteps) in place of the Blog we used for South America in 2018. PolarSteps allows us to post pictures and comments far easier than the blog we used previously. It also seems easier to manage while offline and has an added benefit that it also provides aContinue reading “2022 Southern Africa Blog Update”

2018 South America Homecoming Surprise!

So, after arriving safely in Vancouver after 3 flights and 15 hours of travel time, we take this car share vehicle from the airport to drive home. Trouble is, we can’t find our front door key that Ken left in a secret spot once we get there! It turns out one of the kids, who’dContinue reading “2018 South America Homecoming Surprise!”

Isla Palma, a tiny island on the Caribbean coast, west of Cartagena

Isla Palma is about 80 kilometres from Cartagena including a 40 minute boat ride, and it was well worth the 4 hour trip to get there for a couple of days of R & R after 22,000 km of driving over 4 months! There are only two places to stay on the island, the DecameronContinue reading “Isla Palma, a tiny island on the Caribbean coast, west of Cartagena”

A different side to Cartagena – African Slavery in Columbia

This is the gate slaves from West Africa were forced through on arrival in the port of Cartagena, starting in the 1520s, and here is the formerly named Slave Square (now called Carriage Square) where they were sold. These slaves were forced to work up to 17 hours a day, mostly in gold mines, sugarContinue reading “A different side to Cartagena – African Slavery in Columbia”

Romantic Cartagena

Cartagena’s historic centre is a beautiful, romantic walled city founded by the Spanish in 1533. The narrow cobbled streets and colonial architecture exude charm. No wonder people want to get married here! Inside the museum adjoining the cathedral, I follow the sound of the beautiful music up a couple of staircases and here’s the viewContinue reading “Romantic Cartagena”

En Route to Cartagena Part 2

There are tons of police checks in Columbia, which we don’t mind as they make us feel safer. Actually, travelling along the Panamerica is perfectly fine, but there are still certain areas of the country tourists are told to avoid. In other countries we had found that saying “Hello” in English and looking dumb nearlyContinue reading “En Route to Cartagena Part 2”