Zona Cafeteria, in the western central area of Columbia

Update on motels! This sign is more specific than the Rio Secreto motel we saw in Chile- we would have understood this one with no trouble! Also, there are many more motels in Columbia than anywhere else we’ve seen in South America! A Columbian we met in Ecuador enlightened us by telling us that ALLContinue reading “Zona Cafeteria, in the western central area of Columbia”

Saturday market in Otavalo, Ecuador

Otavalo is famous for it’s Saturday market, which takes up a huge square and spills out into the side streets. Traditionally dressed indigenous people sell many colourful fruits and vegetables as well as arts and crafts. It’s raining, and there aren’t very many tourists at this time of year though in summer there are apparentlyContinue reading “Saturday market in Otavalo, Ecuador”

Galapagos Islands Part 4

Here’s a Galapagos pelican. All the following photos are all from Ken’s Nikon or Sony cameras – sure beats an iPhone! The colours are much brighter for starters. and the focus is sharper. This is a swallow tailed seagull. Blue footed booby and another booby here with the nest and chicks. Swallow tailed gull bringingContinue reading “Galapagos Islands Part 4”

Galapagos Islands Part 3

Male frigate bird with distended red gular sac to attract a mate versus another male without the sac distended sitting in its nest. Blue-footied boobies picking up one foot after the other in a kind of dance. The name apparently comes from sailors being able to just pick these birds up without them trying toContinue reading “Galapagos Islands Part 3”

Galapagos Islands Part 2

Flightless cormorants Our captain (see Tshirt) Our cook, Victor, who is an inspiration. He is always happy and content. And he has a great voice for opera! Here’s a marine iguana for you. They let salt from saltwater dry on their heads and body to reflect the sun to regulate their body temperature. Not tooContinue reading “Galapagos Islands Part 2”

No More Satellite Tracking 😢

Sadly our inReach fell overboard on April 12th in the middle of the Pacific Ocean near one of the Galapagos Islands. We heard something fall and thought it was on the cabin floor but alas, the next morning we discovered the inReach had fallen out of our cabin window and hit the boat deck beforeContinue reading “No More Satellite Tracking 😢”